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Parental abduction November 20, 1987

Updated July 16, 2016


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On 20 November 1987 Christopher Louis & Lisa Mae Zaharias were taken from their home in Mission Viejo, CA by their mother Susan Elizabeth Gammill Zaharias. At first other family members are believed to have helped her but it is unclear of the contact they’ve had since. Their father (Susan’s husband) has not seen the children since. A felony warrant for her arrest was issued on February 17, 1988.  Be sure to check the ‘Mission’ page for more explanation and details.

As of mid July, 2016, the Facebook Page is rapidly approaching 26,000 followers. Some of this is a result of recent leads on the case. Become a part of the army of volunteers and join us on this journey.

Louis, (the children’s father) has been searching ever since. We couldn’t imagine what it must have been like over the years to have to go through this.

July 15, 2016, Unsolved Mysteries did a segment online featuring Lou and his case.

Chris Lisa and Sue Zaharias composite

Unsolved Mysteries current feature video.
Published JULY 15, 2016

The Zaharias case is the most recent featured case with Unsolved Mysteries. This is very exciting as this now nearly 30 year old missing children case has had some credible leads in recent months. Because their age at time of disappearance, they may not remember or understand what was happening at the time and may have new identities and fed lies of their past where they do not know any different.

Please share whenever possible to help bring this case to It’s long overdue end. And when possible, share on social media sites, please use the hashtag #FindZahariasKids‬


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Special Announcement Father of kidnapped children still searching as a senior citizen

The children’s father turns 62 today. Click on the picture of the screen shot below to read full article submitted to Victims News Online. The search has continued to this day.