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Fancy Heart missing persons Chris Lisa and Sue Zaharias composite


On November 20, 1987 Susan Zaharias abducted her children and went into hiding. At first other family members are believed to have helped her but it is unclear of the contact they’ve had since. Their father (Susan’s husband) has not seen the children since. A felony warrant for her arrest was issued on February 17, 1988.  The gallery has pictures from that time period as well as some “what they might look like today” pictures. Be sure to check the links page for more resources and direction to take.

Susan Zaharias nee Gammill has connections in Lake Elsinore, CA, Chino, CA, Riverside, CA, Santa Ana, CA, Dana Point, CA, Dustin, OK, Ada, OK, Wetumka, OK, Elmwood Park, NJ, Clifton, NJ, Greensburg, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Oak Harbor, WA, Hobbs, NM, Alburquerque, NM, Yonkers, NY, Detroit, MI,

If you live in any of the above areas please take a good look at their pictures as it is very possible Susan and the children may have visited any of the above locations over the past 25 years or even lived nearby. They could be your neighbors, friends, co-workers and so on.



Missing Children Christopher and Lisa Zaharias
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Today, immediate Internet and television news coverage can help solve cases quickly. Not so in 1987 when this incident occurred . The more time passes, the more difficult these types of cold cases are to solve.

If a child is abducted today, either by family or a stranger, the news becomes viral. Most people have seen a picture of the missing person or alleged kidnapper on TV news, facebook, internet, twitter and so on within a couple of days.... Nationwide.

We BELIEVE that the right person will see the right photo and say I remember one of them from 5, 10, 20 or 25 years ago. Remember... Any lead can make the difference of being lost .... And found.